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The Blue Horizon

I exist in a place that has no name and no physical location. This place is made up of my memories, with the walls built by the wishes and dread my experiences have given me. My desires have me reaching for something that my suspicions make unattainable. It is always visible but forever in the distance. This place looks exactly like Earth but it is invisible to everyone but myself. Although other beings are attached to these memories that create the foundation, depersonalizing them allows me to have my own sense of identity. Detaching from specific characters has allowed the seamless creation. It is constantly being built but there is no room for renovation. It’s empty existence allows me to reflect on my memories from the outside. This allows me to look deeper into how each life occurrence has shaped me as a person. I carry it on my shoulders and try to pretend it doesn't exist sometimes. However, it is always there and if I avoid it for too long it consumes me harder. This place is an individual comforting, hiding spot. This place is what I call The Blue Horizon.